Full camp registration for one week is $624 and is all inclusive, including meals and all expenses for activities. CIT registration is $324 per week, pending acceptance as a CIT. Campers who do are not selected as CITs will have the option to register as a camper at the full rate of $624.

Need based scholarships are available.  Please indicate on your registration if you would like to be contacted with scholarship information.

You will need to gather some information to complete registration. You will need contact information for an emergency contact who doesn’t live with the camper. You will need medical and dental insurance information, including a physician and dentist’s information. You will need to provide a list of medication that the camper will be bringing with him or her. You will need to list any allergies and dietary restrictions the camper may have.

After registration, you will need to complete a physical exam form and immunization form which are due two weeks before the start of camp. NOTE: Conscientious Objections are not an allowed reason for not providing a immunization record. If your camper cannot be immunized for medical reasons, we will need to have a physician state the reason and sign the immunization form, which you will receive after registration. Please email us with any questions.

Steps for Campers and Counselors in Training

Complete the online registration and record your login information for uploading forms and paying registration fees.

Download the required forms, complete them, and upload a digital copy, scan, or legible photo of the forms to the registration site.

Pay for camp and do a happy dance until camp starts.